Amigurumi Crochet Pattern on Paper (A5 Booklet)

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All Crochet Patterns from the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Family of Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- in one glance


All paper crochet patterns (A5 Booklets) can be found here from the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collection. If you prefer not to have the digital crochet pattern, because you don't have a printer, for example, and you would rather have a crochet pattern on paper in a booklet, we also offer you that option here.


The Paper Crochet Pattern (A5 Color Booklet) includes:

  • What color of yarns to use
  • Clear descriptions Possibly
  • YouTube links for a certain crochet stitch
  • Photos, how to crochet or attach a certain part

-> With this crochet pattern you can get started yourself.


If something is not clear or if you are unable to find a solution, you can always send an email to with your question and we will try to help you.


If you have ordered and paid for a paper crochet pattern, it will be sent to you by post as soon as possible, but certainly within 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation when your order has been shipped.


How nice is it, that with these Amigurumi crochet patterns, from the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Family from Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-, you can now also crochet them yourself!


Amigurumi Paper Crochet Patterns (A5 Booklet) - Pixel 2 Mix