My name is Marja and I worked for more than 20 years as a Senior Buyer at a distributor of computer equipment, named Five 4 U. A few years ago I discovered that crocheting is completely hip and happening, so I started crocheting again .


Thru videos about the different crochet stitches on YouTube and digging into my memory to the needlework classes at school, I thought: "I should be able to do that too". I then started working on it and noticed that crocheting was very relaxing and soothing for me. I have crocheted a lot of stuffed animals over the years using patterns I found on the internet, but something kept gnawing.


"Why only crochet stuffed toys that children can only look at? Why not make something for kids to play with too?"


Since I have traveled a lot around the world, I enjoyed designing cuddly toys with the theme "All around the world".


I started working with this and I got such nice responses that I will also be selling it as a crochet pattern, crochet box and as a ready-to-use cuddly toy.


As a buyer I have always been involved in all facets of business operations: from purchasing, sales, administration to logistics. So starting my own business quickly came into my head.


I had the name in mind for a while: Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts. Pixels are points. And crochet stitches are also points / pixels that can be mixed together. So that's how Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- was born.


I started to master the Amigurumi crochet technique. After a while I also discovered the (Mini) Corner 2 Corner crochet technique. I was immediately blow away by this crochet technique. In the style of the Hi-Di-Hi collection, I also started designing pillows and (Play)blankets. From now on these are also available.


Marja Hermes