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Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-

Amigurumi Crochet Boxes of the  Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Familie / Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-


An Amigurumi crochet kit from Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- contains everything you need to crochet a stuffed animal yourself. The only thing that is missing are a crochet hook and a darning needle.


Get started right away and no more searching for the yarn you need, or the right safety eyes for this cuddly toy. How about filling, the filling is also included in the crochet package of Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade. Crafts-.


Furthermore, a printed A5 Booklet of the Amigurumi crochet pattern is also included in the crochet package. This way you really have everything you need to crochet a stuffed animal, so you don't have to buy a separate crochet pattern anymore. The crochet pattern contains clear descriptions, possibly YouTube links for a certain crochet stitch and photos, how to crochet or attach a certain part.


With these crochet kits it is possible to crochet an entire cuddly toy yourself. How nice is it that you can now do this yourself.


Content Crochet Box Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-:

  • A5 Crochet Pattern -Booklet-
  • All Needed Yarn (Durable Cosy Fine)
  • Safety eyes (If necessary according to pattern)
  • Accessories (If necessary according to pattern)
  • Optional embroidery yarn for accents
  • Filling (Fiberfill)
  • Pixel 2 Mix Label

Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- Crochet Boxes

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