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Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-

March 2022

Claudia, from CB's Creations, asked me if I would like an interview with her. I have been in close contact with her for some time and we really have a click. So nice to notice that CB's Creations / Claudia sometimes runs into the same issues as I do and sometimes it's also great to exchange our experiences with each other.


If you want to see more answers to the below questions of Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- / Marja Hermes, read the entire interview with photos: Interview



* Tell me something about yourself

* How long have you been crocheting? Did you teach to crochet by yourself?

* Why did you choose the name Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-?

* Where do you get your inspiration from?

* Describe your workplace, what should not be missing there?

* If you had to choose a completely different profession, what would you like to do?

* What are you working on at the moment?

* Do you have a nice promotion or sneak peek for the readers?


On the last question, I can already reveal that there is a nice promotion for the readers of my interview. All worth reading! Go and read the interview


The crochet designs of CB's Creations are completely different from those of Pixel 2 Mix. Her designs are more for decoration rather than toys. Have you ever seen her designs? Feel free to take a look: www.cbscreations.com


Have fun reading the interview πŸ§ΆπŸ§΅ πŸ“–


Lots of crochet greetings




CB's Creations / Claudia Bierau introduces herself:


Amigurumi's with a twist

I'm Claudia Bierau, the crochet designer behind CB's Creations. I am married and have 2 grown sons.


I like to be creative. I mean creative in the broadest sense of the word. As a little girl I learned to crochet from my grandmother and her neighbor. So actually I have been crocheting all my life. Looking back I always adjust something in a pattern, but I always crocheted someone else's patterns. I went looking for something new, something different.


Years ago I also did a lot of sculpting, especially making faces appeals to me. At a certain point I tried to apply these modeling techniques in my crochet work as well. This is how Franklin Forge was born, my very first amigurumi creation and the start of CB's Creations. Due to the many details, my designs are often not suitable as toys, but more for decoration.


In the meantime I have built up a nice collection of designs and not only Franklin, but also elves, many animals and other fantasy creations with many details.


Feel free to take a look at my website and see which new crochet project you want to start: www.cbscreations.com