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Gek op Haken

Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- is one of the Designers for Crazy About Crochet


Karin, from 'Gek op Haken' / Crazy about Crochet, was so enthusiastic about the cuddly toys I designed before, that she approached me to design cuddly toys especially and exclusively for 'Gek op Haken' / Crazy about Crochet in the same style as the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? 'collection of Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-, but eventually also other patterns that come to my mind.


At this very moment (October 2022) I have designed 5 Amigurumi cuddly toys and 1 cuddle cloth, a grow chart, throw pillows and a flag line,  exclusively for 'Crazy about Crochet';


Lenny * The Sloth πŸ¦₯ (click here for more information)

Pien * The Penguin 🐧 (click here for more information)

Teuntje * The Little Turtle 🐒 (click here for more information)

Toby * The Little Turtle -Cuddle Cloth- πŸ’ (click here for more information)

Takoda * Tipi Growth Chart ⛺️ (click here for more information)

Tawa * Tipi Throw Pillows and Flag Line ⛺️ (click here for more information)

CAL: Bas * The Aviator Dog in Airplane 🐢✈️  (click here for more information)


Interview Marja with Crazy About Crochet / Gek op Haken:

I also had an interview with Claudia van Gek op Haken (June 2022). It was really fun to do and she ask me all kinds of different questions. If you want to know more about me, read all about Marja Hermes from Pixel 2 Mix "From idea to pattern - all about the designer" in this interview.


If you want more information about these cuddly toys and growth chart, send me an email or visit the website of 'Crazy about Crochet'


Have fun crocheting πŸ§ΆπŸ§΅

Big Hugs




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