October 2022

KreaDoe 2022 (Craft Fair)- Pixel 2 Mix as a guest at Pera & Pasha

Christmas Elves - Frogs -/Gnomes * Pixel 2 Mix

In October 2022 I was allowed to be a guest for two days with my crocheted friends at the KreaDoe at the Pera & Pasha stand. (Stand 08.D019). I'm sorry if I didn't see you then, but who knows, maybe I'll see you next time!

On the Craft Fair, called KreaDoe 2022 in the Netherlands were to be seen:

Ella & Elbert - The Christmas Elves

Katja & Kareltje - The Frog Wedding Couple

Gnomes - Kai & Kiki (Xmas) and Gertruida & Gert (Easter)

March 2022

CB's Creations

More information about the interview Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- / Marja Hermes recently had with Claudia Bierau's CB's Creations (March 2022). CB's Creations

November 2021

Special VIPP afternoon at Pera & Pasha

Especially for VIPP members, Pera & Pasha from Pijnacker / the Netherlands organized a 'special' VIPP afternoon on November 28, 2021. I (Marja Hermes) from Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- was present and also Niki Peeters from the well-known 'Ik ben Bir ' books / designs and her latest book 'Eten voor Knuffels Haken'', but also Mr. Cey, Dendennis and Mr. Knitbear. It was certainly a super successful, pleasant afternoon. Here are some impressions:

Marja Hermes

Pixel 2 Mix

-Homemade Crafts- 

Pixel 2 Mix

Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?


Niki Peeters


Eten voor Knuffels Haken

Pera & Pasha Team

The Biggest Present of 2021

'Het vergeten kind'

Niki Peeters

Real Life:

Eten voor Knuffels

Designers-team from left to right: 

Oscar de Bruyn, Mr. Cey, Niki Peeters,

Marja Hermes, Mr. Knitbear, Dendennis

Mr. Knitbear & Dendennis


Schotelvodden en ander Keukengebrei

June 2020

Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collectie op YouTube

Marja from Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- and Oscar from Pera & Pasha are showing

you crocheted cuddle toys of  the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? See collection. (June 18, 2020)