Crazy About Crochet: Takoda * Tipi Growth Chart


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Design; Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- 🧶⛺️🧵


Besides crocheting stuffed animals, I am also really fond of Pixel crochet, also called Intarsia crochet. In this crochet pattern I have designed a growth chart with Tipis, also called Wigwams.


A tipi is a mobile home of the Indians, who originally live in North America. The name Takoda stands for the Sioux Indians, friend to everyone.


The crochet technique used in the growth chart is mainly Pixel crochet with Single crochets. Pixel Crochet means that you convert an image with squares (pixels) into a crochet work.


In Takoda * Tipi Growth Chart a total of 3 crochet techniques are used:

1. Pixel Crochet with Single Crochet stitches

2. Loopstitch Crochet

3. Surface Crochet


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Have fun crocheting 🧶⛺️🧵




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