Crochet Duos with Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-


Welcome to the sparkling world of crochet fun with Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts! Explore here a diverse overview of all the enchanting crochet Duos from Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts. Each Couple is an unique adventure waiting to come to life with your crochet hook.


Click on the photo or button of the Duo that appeals to you and/or that you want to know more about, and be inspired by all the possibilities. At Pixel 2 Mix, you have various creative options to crochet your Pair/Couple/Duo, such as a PDF Digital Crochet Pattern, a Printed A5 Booklet, a Crochet Kit, an already Crocheted Stuffed Toy, or even postcards of your favourite creation.


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