Benny - The Gatsby Roaring 20's Bear - Amigurumi Crochet Box


Amigurumi Crochet Kit: Benny - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear


Travel back in time to the enchanting world of the 1920's with our Benny's crochet box. With this box, you can create your own Benny - The Gatsby Bear, filling the atmosphere with glamour and charm.


This exclusive crochet kit is your key to a unique project, whether you are an experienced crocheter or just starting out.


Inside the crochet kit, you'll find everything to crochet Benny yourself: all the necessary yarn, the crochet pattern, stuffing, and even the safety eyes and rattle beads. The only things missing are your crochet hook and darning needle.


Benny has wobbly legs, allowing him to comfortably sit on a ledge, chair, or shelf.


Will your Benny also become a member of the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Family?


Amigurumi Crochet Box: Benny - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear: For a Shining Party!


Best of all, Benny's crochet box contains all the essentials, so you don't have to search for the right materials and can get started right away. Choose convenience, quality, and consistency with this fantastic crochet kit!


What to expect in our comprehensive Amigurumi crochet kit for Benny - The 1920s Bear:

High-Quality Durable Cosy Fine Yarns: We provide you with the best quality yarns to make your Benny look like a real Gatsby star.

  • Soft Stuffing: Give Benny his cuddliness with our premium stuffing, making him ready for hugs at any time.
  • Rattle Beads: Bring Benny to life with rattle beads for a playful sound effect that enhances the festive atmosphere.
  • Safety Eyes: Add character and personality with the included safety eyes.
  • Embroidery Yarn: Every detail matters! Use our embroidery yarn to give Benny his unique features and charming expressions.
  • Detailed Instructions in the A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern: Our step-by-step instructions, supported by clear images, ensure that both beginners and experienced crocheters can easily achieve a beautiful result.
  • Includes Accessory Patterns: Also in the booklet are the crochet patterns for Benny's iconic shorts with suspenders, a stylish bow tie, and his distinctive flat cap, along with an elegant coat and cute diaper cover to keep him warm and stylish.


Dimensions with this crochet kit:

Benny - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear from bottom to the top of his hat -> 23 cm
Benny - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear from feet to the top of his hat -> 33 cm


You can also crochet his lovely companion Beth - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear with a crochet box from Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts - so they're all set to party and ready to join a dinner, for example.


This crochet kit for Benny is not only a great gift idea for friends and family but also offers you the chance to embrace a unique project. Whether you're a die-hard crocheter or a beginner, make your own Benny - The Gatsby Bear and experience the magic of creation.


Please note: A crochet hook and darning needle are not included, so make sure you have them on hand to bring your Benny to life.


Order our comprehensive Benny crochet kit now and make your Party sparkling and huggable!


Why settle for a plain bear when you can crochet Benny - The Gatsby Roaring 20's Bear?


Benefits of Benny - The Gatsby (1920's) Bear - Crochet Kit:

  • Convenience: Benny's crochet kit includes everything you need to start your project, including the pattern, stuffing, and yarn. This means you don't have to separately source the supplies and can get started right away.
  • Time-Saving: Benny's crochet kit offers a quick and easy way to complete a project without spending hours selecting materials and searching for the right crochet pattern.
  • Budget-Friendly: Benny's crochet kit is more affordable than buying all the supplies separately. The amount of yarn is tailored to the required quantity, so you'll never have too little or too much yarn.
  • Consistency and Quality: Benny's crochet kit contains materials of the same quality and color, ensuring a consistent and excellent result.
  • Educational: Benny's crochet kit is a great way to learn new techniques or improve your crochet skills. This crochet kit includes instructions and pattern details that you can follow and apply.
  • Pattern Language: The crochet pattern in the kit is available in Dutch and English (please specify when ordering).

Benefits of Benny - The Bear - Amigurumi Crochet Box at a Glance:

  1. Convenience: You'll have all the materials you need for crochet right at your fingertips.
  2. Time-Saving: No need to hunt for individual materials; everything is included in this crochet kit, even the stuffing.
  3. Cost-Effective: The amount of yarn is tailored to the required quantity for crocheting Brian.
  4. Quality: All materials are of the same high quality and color.
  5. Educational: The crochet pattern provides clear instructions, with photos or links to YouTube for guidance.
  6. Pattern Language: The crochet pattern is available in multiple languages (Dutch and English - US Terminology), catering to your preference.

Discover the ease, efficiency, and educational value of Brian's crochet kit - your pathway to your next successful crochet project!