Cucu * The (Easter) Rooster with Bunny Hat * Crochet Box


Cucu * The (Easter) Rooster with Bunny Hat


Cucu no longer feels like sitting in his egg cup and wants to break out. Cucu already has his shoes on and wants to discover the wide world. He enjoys doing what he likes. Unfortunately, the egg just stays around him, but that does not bother him.


You can play with Cucu: hat on and hat off, with a bow on or no bow on. Oh he's going to eat now, let's put on a bib for a while. The choice is all yours. In these ways it is possible to play with Cucu. However, Cucu is also super nice as a decoration and is also cozy on the table at Easter breakfast.


I am a Amigurumi Crochet Box. 

The crochet package contains all the necessary materials to make Cucu yourself: Durable Cosy Fine yarn, safety eyes, embroidery yarn, fiberfill and the crochet pattern. The only thing missing are crochet hook 4.0 and a darning needle. 


Cucu becomes approx. 25,5 cm till the comb and when Cucu has his hat on approx. 26 cm with the mentioned yarn.


The big advantage of this box is, that the amount of yarn is adjusted to the required amount. This way you never have too little, but not too much yarn. And if you have some yarn left, there is an extra crochet pattern of a little egg in the booklet.


The crochet pattern is available in Dutch and English (US Terms).


Included in the Crochet package;

* All needed Durable Cosy Fine yarn

* Embroidery yarn

* 2 Safety Eyes

* A5 Booklet; Printed Crochet Pattern (Choose language when ordering)

* Fiberfill


The Crochet package does not include;

* Crochet hook

* Darning needle


Difficulty level: *****


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