Renzo * The Bunny * A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern


Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Renzo * The Bunny


I am a crochet pattern on paper in Dutch or in English (US Terms). You can also make me yourself with this pattern, so that you can also cuddle and play with me. Because Renzo has a poncho that you can take off, you can suddenly conjure up a completely different cuddly toy.


The pattern clearly explains how to do a certain stitch using drawings and YouTube links. The collar is crocheted directly to the body.


If you make me with crochet hook 4, using yarn that is intended for this, I will be about 34 cm when my ears are up. Up to the head I am about 24 cm.


Note; This is the papered crochet pattern and not the crocheted stuffed animal.


Difficulty level; Practiced


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