Katja * The Frog Bride * A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern


A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern: Katja * The Frog Bride


I am a Amigurumi crochet pattern on Paper in Dutch or English. You can make Katja * The Frog Bride yourself with this pattern, so that you can cuddle and play with Katja, but you can also use it as decoration.


Together with Little Karel * The Bridegroom Frog, also from Pixel 2 Mix, you have a real wedding couple.


It is also nice to crochet Katja & Little Karel as a wedding present or just as a different kind of gift or nice for yourself.


The special thing about Katja & Little Karel is that they have their mouths open. This is a special crochet technique that you don't come across often. Most frogs have a closed mouth, but with both Katja and Little Karel their mouth has an open Frog mouth.


The pattern clearly explains how to crochet Katja based on many photos and YouTube links. The pattern also clearly explains how to crochet the veil, for example.


If you crochet Katja with crochet hook 4.0 and/or use yarn intended for this, Katja is about 23 cm tall (Sitting) and with her hat and veil on.


Note: This is the Papered crochet pattern and not the crocheted Frog.


Difficulty: *****


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