Healthy Candy Crochet 5x - A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern


A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern: 5 x 'Healthy' Candy / Sweets Crochet (Lollipop, Chewing Gum, Toffee, Spiral Candy or Acid)


We are a papered crochet pattern in Dutch or English. You can also crochet these 5 different sweets with this crochet pattern by yourself.


1 A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern = 5 Different Candies to Crochet


Crochet the 5 candies: Lollipop, Chewing Gum, Toffee, Spiral Candy or Acid.


They go well with Christmas, but of course you can crochet these sweets all year round, so that you always have a healthy candy at home.


Put these colorful sweets in a transparent jar and you have a visible, fun 'healthy' refreshments to offer.


Different Crochet Techniques:

The sweets are crocheted with all kinds of different crochet stitches, so that you have small alternating projects to crochet.


With crochet hook 4.0 and Durable Cosy Fine yarn they have a size of:

Lollipop -> Diameter round 11 cm, with stick 17 cm.

Chewing gum in paper -> Ball 5 cm, from end paper to the other side 9 cm

Toffee -> Toffee 5,5 cm, from end paper to the other side 9 cm

Spiral Candy -> Diameter 7 cm

Acid -> Diameter 7 cm


Note: This is the crochet pattern on paper of 5 different sweets and not the crocheted sweets themselves.


Difficulty level: Beginner