Beth - The Gatsby Roaring 20's Bear - A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern


A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern: Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear


Step into the enchanting world of the Roaring Twenties with this exclusive crochet pattern: Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear! This cute and festive bear brings the glamour and style of the 1920s to your crochet projects.


With the detailed A5 Booklet crochet pattern in Dutch or English (US Terminology), you can create this charming bear yourself.


This female Gatsby Bear crochet pattern is ideal for craft enthusiasts and vintage charm enthusiasts. The pattern has been carefully assembled and includes step-by-step instructions, clear images, and helpful tips, ensuring that even beginners can achieve a beautiful result.


Is your Beth ready to become a member of the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?' Family?

Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear: A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern


This crochet pattern for a female Gatsby bear from the 1920's is the perfect choice for lovers of vintage charm. This crochet pattern has been meticulously assembled and includes detailed instructions, clear images, and helpful tips to ensure even beginners can achieve a beautiful result.


What makes Beth so special? The Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear crochet pattern includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for crocheting Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear.
  • An explanation in the pattern for the stylish pied-de-poule dress, perfect for an elegant dinner.
  • Instructions for creating an elegant coat that Beth will wear during her dinner.
  • The pattern for a beautiful flower hat in the style of the 1920s.
  • A bonus pattern for an adorable flower purse.


What you can expect:

  • A detailed A5 booklet crochet pattern.
  • A complete list of supplies.
  • Clear instructions with explanations of crochet stitches.
  • Beautiful images to support the instructions.
  • A unique and enchanting Gatsby-themed design.


Beth - The Gatsby Bear is not only a perfect decorative piece for the holidays but also a great gift idea for friends and family. Unleash your creativity and bring the sparkling atmosphere of the 1920s to life with your crochet hook!


With Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear, add a touch of timeless elegance to your crochet collection. Order the A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern today and start creating your own nostalgic masterpiece. Crochet your own artwork and let Beth shine as the star of your party!


In addition to Beth - The Female Gatsby (1920s) Bear, there is also a Male - Gatsby (1920s) Bear to crochet, named Benny. Benny exudes style and flair in his ensemble. He wears shorts with suspenders, complete with an elegant bowtie and his distinctive flat cap. But that's not all! When Benny goes outside, he prepares for the winter elements with his elegant coat and cute over pants. This keeps him warm and stylish, even as temperatures drop. A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern: Benny - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear


Please note: This is the A5 Booklet crochet pattern, not the crocheted Beth - The Bear herself.


Order the A5 Booklet Crochet Pattern for Beth - The Gatsby (1920s) Bear and start crocheting your own piece of nostalgic magic. Add this cute bear to your crochet collection and let your holidays shine with a touch of Gatsby glamour. Crochet your own masterpiece and become the star of your party!