Mary - The Sailor Girl / The Beach Girl - Crocheted Stuffed Toy


Handmade Crocheted Plushie: Mary - The Sailor Girl / Beach Girl


Are you in search of a unique and adorable crocheted stuffed toy to keep you company while you indulge in beach fun, where the sun always shines and you always have someone to play with?

Introducing Mary - The Sailor Girl, also known as The Beach Girl, your ideal companion for summer adventures!


This affectionately crocheted plushie, with playful swinging and swaying legs, brings the joy of sunny beach days indoors. Mary is ready to brighten up your day with her charming presence and helpful character.


Is your Mary ready to become a proud member of the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?' Family? πŸŒŠπŸ–οΈπŸ§΅

Handmade Crocheted Plushie: Mary - The Sailor Girl / Beach Girl


What if crocheting isn't quite your thing or you simply don't have enough time? No worries, Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts - has done all the crocheted handiwork for you. Explore now the handcrafted Mary - The Sailor Girl / Beach Girl and be enchanted by her company on every summer adventure.


If you'd like to add Mickey - The Sailor / Beach Boy with Hat alongside Mary, he is also available. Together, they can bring an extra dose of cheer to your summer day and create a playful atmosphere.


Mary - The Sailor Girl is approximately 32 cm tall, including her swaying legs, and when seated, she measures 23 cm.


Note: Since it is a handmade crocheted product, there may be slight variations from the photos.


What are you waiting for? Bring your own Mary - The Sailor Girl home now! 🌊🧢🌟