Mickey - The Sailor / The Beach Boy - Crocheted Stuffed Toy


Handmade Crocheted Plushie: Mickey - The Sailor / Beach Boy


Are you looking for a unique and adorable crocheted stuffed toy to accompany you while playing on the beach, where the sun always shines? Then Mickey - The Sailor, also known as The Beach Boy, is the perfect companion for your summer adventures!


This crocheted plushie, complete with wobbling and waving legs, is inspired by joyful beach days and brings that lively atmosphere into your indoor space.


Mickey is ready to brighten your day with his charming presence and helpful character.


Is your Mickey ready to become a member of the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?' Family? 🌊🧢🌟

Handmade Crocheted Plushie: Mickey - The Sailor / The Beach Boy


What if crocheting is not your thing or if you simply don't have the time? No worries, Pixel 2 Mix - Homemade Crafts - has done all the work for you. Discover now the already handmade crocheted Mickey - The Sailor / Beach Boy and enjoy his company on every beach adventure.


If you also want Mary - The Sailor Girl / The Beach Girl with her hat alongside Mickey, she is also available. Together, they can make your beach day even more cheerful and create a playful atmosphere.


Mickey - The Sailor is approximately 32 cm tall, including his wobbling legs, and when seated, he measures 23 cm.


Please note: As it is a handmade crocheted product, it may vary slightly from the photos.


What are you waiting for? Get your own Mickey - The Sailor / The Beach Boy now! 🌊🧢🌟