Olivia * The Little Owl in a Tea Cup * PDF Crochet Pattern


Olivia * The little Owl drinks Tea or is sitting in a Tea Cup


Olivia is a stubborn owl. She enjoys doing what she likes. She can drink tea from a tea cup, of course, but Olivia likes it much more to just sit in it.


It is also possible to let Olivia play with the tea cup with saucer. Olivia in the cup and Olivia out of the cup. Today she doesn't want a hairband, then she takes it off and uses the hairband as a scarf. In these ways it is possible to play with Olivia.


Furthermore, I am a PDF Amigurumi crochet pattern in Dutch or English. You can also make me yourself, so that you can also cuddle and play with me. 


The pattern clearly explains how to do a certain stitch using photos, drawings and YouTube links.


If you make me with crochet hook 4.0 and yarn intended for that, I will be about 22 cm tall.


Pay attention; This is the pdf crochet pattern and not the crocheted stuffed owl.


Difficulty level; Practiced


Are you going to join the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?' Family?

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