Rocky * The Bunny - Blanket - PDF C2C Crochet Pattern


Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Rocky * The Bunny - Blanket


I am a PDF Corner to Corner / Corner 2 Corner (C2C) crochet pattern in Dutch or English (US Terms). You can also make me yourself with this, so that you also have a blanket that you can crawl under.


In the pattern you will find, in addition to the graphic chart, a written explanation, so that you can either count squares or see per diagonal in which color you should crochet a block in the written explanation. The pattern goes in diagonals from bottom right to top left.


If you make me with crochet hook 4.5 and yarn intended for that, I will be about 80 x 100 cm.


Together with Renzo, the crocheted cuddly toy and Ricky, the crocheted Pillow, a (baby) room can be made completely in the same style.


Note; This is the digital crochet pattern & seperate chart and not the crocheted blanket.


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