Leopold * The Sloth - (Play)Blanket - PDF Mini C2C Crochet Pattern


Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Leopold * The Sloth - (Play)Blanket


I am a PDF Mini Corner to Corner / Mini Corner 2 Corner (Mini C2C) crochet pattern in Dutch or English (US Terms). I consist of 12 squares in the same color schemes, but slightly different. You can also make me yourself with this, so that you also have a blanket that you can crawl under.


In the pattern you will find, in addition to the graphic charts (12x), a written explanation (12x), so that you can either count squares or see per diagonal in which color you should crochet a block in the written explanation. The pattern goes in diagonals from bottom right to top left.


If you make me with crochet hook 4.5 and yarn that is intended for that, I will be about 95 x 125 cm.


Together with Lennard, the crocheted Pillow a (baby)room can be made completely in the same style.


Note; This is the PDF crochet pattern & seperate 12x charts and not the crocheted blanket.


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