Sammy * The Little Lamb * Cuddly Blanket


Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Sammy * The Little Lamb - Cuddly Blanket


I am an Amigurumi crochet cuddly blanket. With me you can not only cuddle, but also play. Hairband on and hairband off, collar up and collar down. There are several Sammy's that you can conjure up.


Sammy is a Handmade crocheted cuddly blanket with Durable Cosy Fine yarn (crochet hook 4 and 4.5). Sammy is approx. 23 cm high from the hair to the bottom of the poncho.


Combine Sammy, the crocheted cuddly blanket, with a poster and / or postcards or other products from the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collection and you have the perfect maternity gift and a fun set to brighten up the nursery.


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