Benny - The Gatsby Roaring 20's Bear - Postcard (1)


Postcard: Benny - The 1920's Bear (1)


Infuse Magic into Every Occasion with Style!

Looking for the perfect postcard to add a touch of vintage glamour and charm from the 1920s to your message? Look no further! Discover Benny's Special Greeting Card, designed to envelop your greetings with the charm of that bygone era.


This beautiful card is inspired by Benny - The Gatsby Bear and exudes the same glamour and elegance.


🎉 Unique Design: Benny's Special Greeting Card is a design inspired by Benny's unique personality. It brings the sparkling atmosphere of the 1920's right to your message.


🐻 Benny's Style: This postcard is infused with Benny's distinctive style, including his flat cap, stylish jacket, and charming smile. It's a true celebration of Benny's personality.


💌 Writable Back: This postcard has a writable back, allowing you to add your personal wishes and greetings to make your message even more special.


This is an A6-sized postcard, 10.5 x 14.8 cm (W x L).


Let Benny help you add a touch of vintage glamour and warmth to your personal messages. Choose this Special Greeting Card and bring the 1920's to life in your messages. 🌟


Will your Benny - The Gatsby Bear also become a member of the 'Hi-Di-Hi Who am I?' Family?