Little Karel * The Bridegroom Frog * Crocheted Stuffed Toy


Crocheted Toy: Little Karel * The Groom Frog


Little Karel has selected his wedding suit and he is now finally getting married to Katja * The Frog Bride.


If you also want to have a Little Karel, but you can't crochet or you don't have the time, Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts- has done that for you.


A Crocheted stuffed toy: Katja * The Frog Bride is also availabe

It is nice to give away both Katja & Little Karel as a wedding present or just as a different kind of gift or for yourself, because you always want to be reminded of that beautiful day.


But it is also possible to play with Little Karel for a little girl or for a little boy: hat on and hat off, with or without a cape. It also looks nice if you put Little Karel down for decoration.


Little Karel is a Handmade crocheted plush toy from Durable Cosy Fine yarn with crochet hook 4.0. Little Karel is about 32 cm high when he is sitting and when he is wearing his hat.


Note: The purchased product may differ slightly from the photos, because this is a handmade product.


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