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More Exclusive Designs Pixel 2 Mix -Homemade Crafts-

Yeah πŸ₯³ somehow a Dutch magazine and a Dutch website for a crochet subscription found me too. So much fun that I was asked to design (Amigurumi) crochet patterns especially for them.


Commissioned by Oscar of Pera & Pasha I have been allowed to design Mel & Morgan, the Monkeys. These can be seen in the first Edition of the Art of Yarn magazine.


Furthermore Karin of Gek op Haken (Crazy about Crochet) also approached me to make designs exclusively for them in the style of the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collection or something else that arises in my head. Because the contact went so well, I am now also a permanent member of the 'Crazy about Crochet' team.


For now it has already become: Lenny * The Sloth πŸ¦₯ & Teuntje * The Little Turtle 🐒, and a Cuddle cloth, named Toby * The Little Turtle 🐒, but there will certainly be more soon ☺️. These crochet patterns are exclusively available for members of 'Gek op Haken'. www.gekophaken.nl.


More info Mel & Morgan 

Art of Yarn 1st Edition & Pixel 2 Mix

More info Lenny * The Sloth

Crazy about Crochet & Pixel 2 Mix

More info Teuntje * The Little Turtle

Crazy about Crochet & Pixel 2 Mix 

More info Toby * Little Turtle

-Cuddle Cloth-

Crazy about Crochet & Pixel 2 Mix

Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collection on YouTube

Marja from Pixel 2 Mix and Oscar from Pera & Pasha are showing you some crocheted stuffed animals from the Hi-Di-Hi Who am I? Collection. This is in Dutch, but the views already say enough!